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Does Standard Ledger offer phone support?

We don't offer immediate phone support but don't worry, we have options to get you the help you need.

Our main support is via email (support@standardledger.co) or by a scheduled Zoom video call - more on that below. Here's why we do it this way.

1. It's usually quicker
When you use email, our ticket service system (Hubspot) tells us exactly who you are and serves up all the key details we need to know, including previous conversations you or other members of your team have had with us. So we don't have to waste your time getting up to speed.

    2. It gives you more info
    Using email means we can send you helpful support articles, screen shots, videos, files or links. This gives you more context and a more thorough response than a phone call can provide. It also means that the next time you have a similar question, you can refer back to this information, which can be really useful. 

    3. Quality control
    We aim to improve our support with every interaction we have and email means we can ask for real-time feedback from you, as well as provide our team members with helpful feedback, since everything is tracked. Phone support is much more difficult to conduct quality control on. 

    4. It helps us help you
    Our team mix up their work days with focused time when they're head down doing the books, payroll and tax returns for our clients, as well as being available for support.  As you'd appreciate, phone interruptions during focus time are a real productivity killer ... and can lead to errors.  We schedule and rotate team members through doing and supporting, including being available for calls (see below).  Managing our time this way is ultimately good for both you and us, we reckon!

    To remain fair, while being aware of priority matters, we typically respond to emails in the order they are received.

    What if I just want to talk to someone?

    We get it. Sometimes it's just easier to explain the issue you have over the phone.

    While most of our clients find the asynchronous nature of email works for them, especially as we often receive emails in the middle of the night (#startuplife!) sometimes it just doesn't work.

    Our bookkeeping and CFO team members are more than happy to book a quick Zoom video call to clarify things (Zoom is great for screen sharing). They will usually suggest this when they feel it might be easier and it's always an option for you to set up too.  Simply follow the link in their email signature to book a time (usually 24 hours out, and for bookkeeping clients we try to keep it to the onboarding process or to clarify things down the track).