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I submitted an invoice by email but can't see it anywhere ...

This article contains more details and common explanations of delays in seeing any invoices you submit via email

You should (pretty well immediately) see your uploaded invoices in Receipt Bank with the status of "In processing". This is the period when your JPG/PDF image is being interpreted by Receipt Bank to extract the supplier name, invoice amount etc.

Standard Ledger commits to reviewing your account each week - based on the processing day of the week that has been agreed when we started your bookkeeping. At this stage we'll pick up and review any submitted / processed invoices / receipts from Dext (formerly Receipt Bank) and push them into Xero.

Once in Xero:

  • if we can see that they've been paid we'll match them to the invoice you've submitted - you can then find the invoices in the Paid section of Purchases/Bills.
  • if there is no corresponding payment (yet) , you'll find the invoices in the Awaiting Payment section of Purchases/Bills. You can also quickly keep an eye on these from your Xero Dashboard - invoices awaiting payment are shown in the Bills You Need To Pay section of your dashboard.

So if you can't immediately see an invoice it may be because it is still being image processed, or has not yet been processed through to Xero as part of your weekly processing cycle, else check the Awaiting Payment or Paid section within Xero.