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What are the different addresses to be aware of for receiving official UK government and HMRC mail?

You may want to setup separate company and director/officer addresses to make sure you always receive important notices.

Addresses are important as you’re getting yourself up, and need to be contacted.  In the UK you will receive initial and regular ongoing correspondence from the government and therefore need to have a receiving address for the company, and each of the officers.  You don’t want to miss this mail.

The company’s registered office address and each of the company officer’s addresses is a matter of public record and is visible on the Companies House websiteThis means if you're using your personal home address as your official address as a company director, then this can be seen by anyone.

You’ll also need to consider a general business address that, for example, can be shared with your customers.

There are 3 types of addresses to consider for your company.

Address Type

What it includes

Registered Office

This is the company's official address for receiving government mail.

Service Address

per officer

This is a company officer's official address for receiving government mail.

Business Address

This is an address where all general business mail will be received.

If you are working from a coworking space, you might be able to use that address for one or more of the above but you will need to check.  Most commonly, people use a coworking space, or even a (non visible) home address for general business mail and a mail service for the others - this is to ensure that all important government communication is received.