1. Knowledge Base

Who do I contact when I have a question?

Sometimes that depends on what you need help with.

Need general support? Email support@standardledger.co

This email is your catch all address. It will be routed to our most appropriate team member for your query. 

If you're a bookkeeping client, you're already in contact with your nominated bookkeeper through the weekly update email, so simply reach out to them.

If you're a new client going through our onboarding process, one of our customer success team will have been in touch so simply reply to them and they'll help you.


Need payroll support? Email payroll@standardledger.co


Need to contact the tax team? Email tax@standardledger.co

Or, if we're doing your tax return, one of our tax team members will have been in touch so simply reply and they'll help you out. 

And if you're after tax advice (beyond our normal tax return process), you'll need to book a time with our Australian or UK tax partners.


Need more specific advice from Remco or Mike?

From time to time you might need more specific advice from our founders, Remco and Mike.  

If you're a client that we're providing ongoing bookkeeping, tax, R&D or CFO services, we always love to hear from you. You can reach out by booking into our calendars here (Remco or Mike).

Paid phone consults for DIY clients

If you're one of our early stage DIY clients, we offer paid telephone consultation services with our principals. You can book and pay here:

  • Remco (for accounting, operations, R&D and CFO matters)
  • Mike (for tax, structuring, valuation and CFO matters)

Can I talk to someone?

We get it. Sometimes it's just easier to explain the issue you have over the phone.

While most of our clients find the asynchronous nature of email works for them, especially as we often receive emails in the middle of the night (#startuplife!) sometimes it just doesn't work.

Our team are more than happy to book a quick Zoom video call to clarify things (Zoom is great for screen sharing). They will usually suggest this when they feel it might be easier and it's always an option for you to set up too.  Simply follow the link in their email signature to book a time (usually 24 hours out, and for bookkeeping clients we try to keep it to the onboarding process or to clarify things down the track). 


We use Hubspot to receive, manage and escalate emails and assign tasks between our team so they’re being handled by the right person, and we can get back to you in a timely way. This means you might receive an answer from someone else, or even a few people in our team. 

To be fair, we typically respond to emails in the order they're received, while also taking priority matters, such as tax deadlines, into account. 

Get to know our team

If you like processes and pictures as much as we do, you might like this diagram which puts faces to the names of our great team members.



If you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to email me directly on remco@standardledger.co.