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How can I claim car mileage/kilometre expenses? (Australia)

Download the MILEAGE REIMBURSEMENT TEMPLATE to submit a PDF to Receipt Bank.

Employee Expenses are expenses incurred by an employee on behalf of a company.

If your company allows you to claim back the cost of driving, you can submit a claim for this through Receipt Bank in just the same way as claiming back other expenses you incur on behalf of the company.

We've prepared an Excel spreadsheet template you can use to calculate the vehicle mileage. This template may need to be adapted (especially the per mile/kilometer rate) to be in accordance with the mileage reimbursement policy of your company.

Once you have completed the spreadsheet for any given request for reimbursement you must save it as either a PDF or a JPG (ReceiptBank does not recognise XLS spreadsheets).

Your completed, PDFd mileage claim can then be emailed to your nominated Standard Ledger / Receipt Bank invoice email address which is typically of the form:


where it will be processed along with any other expenses you may have submitted for reimbursement.