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When do I need Receipts?

More details on which receipts you need to keep. AU: Receipts > $82.50 inc GST UK: everything

Australia / ATO Per the ATO you are required to have a receipt for any transactions of more than $82.50 (including GST) in order to claim a GST credit. Below this, a confirmed bank transaction (eg a Xero bank feed) is OK as proof of the transaction as long as we're comfortable with the GST treatment.
UK / HMRC Per HMRC, you are required to keep a record of everything you buy and sell

Pragmatically, and in order to keep on top of the flow of transactions, we can and do reconcile transactions without an invoice, where clients are OK with this - remember that it is your obligation to be able to provide a valid invoice to the ATO or HMRC upon request or audit.

If you are an employee wanting to claim back an expense, you should snap a copy of the receipts to include in your expense report for your employer to claim back. Note that many employers have a straight forward "No receipt, no reimbursement" policy - ie you effectively need a receipt for reimbursement even if its a $4 coffee.

Australia / ATO